Booze the Card Game has not been released yet, but it should arrive on a kickstarter near you in the not so distant future. This is a simple little card game in the same category as Sushi GO and Exploding Kittens
. The goal is extremely simple, and politically uncorrect; get drunk first or make them regret challenging you to a drinking competition.

Booze the Card Game is wonderfully un-correct and I love it. The humor on the cards reminds me of single square cartoons in magazines like Python or Mad Magazine, if you are an old geezer like me
. While I looked through the cards I had to stop myself grinning from the flavor texts and illustrations. All related to drinking and it´s more unfortunate settings.

Booze the Card Game is a prototype so it is difficult for me to say anything about the quality of the finished product, but I can mention that the designers have used very high quality for the cards and components. It goes to show that this is their brainchild and that the future production is in good hands. The only thing I can nit-pick about is the fact that it´s a little hard to see the text on the back of the card, but this is not decided yet I beliewe as they had provided me with different examples of card backs

Some of the excellent cards. Foto: Jon Songvoll

Story is as usual totally absent in a light game like this, but the designers have done a very good job applying the theme of the game. All illustrations and flavor texts are linked up against drinking and it´s possible negative downfall. This game is perfect on any vorschpiel! You can even make this into a very, very funny drinking game. You can vary the drink requirements, but the most obvious one is drink each time you get a point. If you really like to drink you can drink each time someone else drinks. Or if someone looses the game they can drink a pint.

I am usually quite skeptical towards kickstarters as I keep getting games with rules so complex that it´s impossible to enjoy. This is not the result with these rules. It all fits on a regular sheet of paper, with good margin
. They are simple, easy to get and does not leave room for hour long discussions. The same goes for the iconology on the cards. If this is the final wording on the rules I am a happy camper!

The objective of Booze the Card Game is to reach the optimal drunkenness before others do or make them regret they challenged you to a drinking competition. The game is played over a series of rounds. Deal 1 card to each player together with the red and green token and one score disc. The player who is least drunk starts the game

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. That player draws 2 cards and gives one to another player and one to himself. The cards goes into effect right away. In a 4 player game the player who reaches 11 pints wins. If a player reaches 0 stamina the game also ends and that player looses/wins the game. This allows for some very last resort, desperate measures strategies during the game.

Some of the excellent cards. Foto: Jon Songvoll

I enjoyed this game immensely, it was extremely fun to play, even sober! There is almost no downtime because the iconology is very clear and easy. The only way analysis paralysis can occur is if the person has a huge problem with this, or is drunk for real. I will treasure this prototype for a long time. I will pledge for this kickstarter in an instant! It is perfect as a filler if you just want a good laugh in between the Through the Ages rounds. There is a lot of replayability as well because it takes a lot of rounds to get through all the cards. If there is a deluxe version in the kickstarter I would recommend a wooden casket with wooden laser etching on it: Booze Whisky – a card game. I´d pledge that for a (lot of) dollar(s)!

Booze the Card Game operates in the same category as simple, fast and fun card games whom has had a lot of success on kickstarter. Almost 200.000 pledged for exploding kittens. In my book this game deserves and should get the same staying power as this clearly is a better game with more variations and way more replayability just simply because it´s funnier and more of a game with the tokens and the scorekeepers. I can´t recommend this gem of a game enough!

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